Quality live streams, direct to fans

From legends like Nick Cave and Björk to DJs and bands just starting out, thousands of artists are collaborating with DICE to stream their shows, reach a global audience and get paid.

Provide your audience with an end-to-end experience

• Sign up and create an event in seconds • Work with our dedicated team for advice • Offer multiple merch, VIP or donation options • Run pre-sales or discounts for groups of fans • Provide private guest list links • Reach fans globally with our award-winning app • Deliver superior ticketing for your fans • Ensure a fully secure streaming link • Enable chat functionality amongst friends • Geo-target your event to cities or timezones • Rely on our global fan support team • Track sales in real-time • Receive in-depth reporting and analytics

Monetise your live stream effectively

With our years of experience in ticketing, we know what works and what doesn’t. Talk to a member of our team to discuss a pricing and marketing strategy that’s tailor-made for you.

Think long-term

Live streaming is an incredible way to build a global audience. When live shows happen again, you can contact fans directly about your new dates. DICE helps you deliver both online and off.

Ready to take your event online?