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Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits

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Rock in Rio Lisbon 2024

Parque Tejo
Jun 15 - Jun 24
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Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits


The 10th edition of the festival will take place on June 15, 16, 22 and 23, 2024. It's been 20 years since the first edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa. Two decades of stories, memories, great concerts and new entertainment formats. There have been 9 editions,...

This is an 3+ event
Presented by Rock World Lisboa.
No Covid-19 entry requirements
You can get a refund if:
  • It’s within 24 hours of buying tickets
  • This event is rescheduled or cancelled


Ed Sheeran, Jão, Calum Scott and 37 more


Parque Tejo

Passeio dos Heróis do Mar, sn, 1990-059 Lisboa
Doors open1:00 PM


When will Rock in Rio Lisboa 2024 take place?

The event will take place on June 15, 16, 22 and 23, 2024.

Where will Rock in Rio Lisboa 2024 be held?

Due to the date commemorating 20 years of Rock in Rio in Lisbon, the event will be held at Parque Tejo Lisboa, Address: Passeio dos Heróis do Mar, sn, 1990-059 Lisboa

What is the line up for Rock in Rio Lisboa 2024?

Check out the updated poster at:

What are the opening and closing times for Cidade do Rock?

The doors of the City of Rock open at 14:00 and close at 02:00.

What is the age rating for Rock in Rio Lisboa?

The age rating is M6 - over 6 (six) years old. Minors under the age of 3 (three) are prohibited.

What happens if the age of the minor(s) raises doubts?

Whenever the age of minors raises doubts, they must present the identification document proving their age to the agents in charge of inspection, otherwise they will their entrance to the venue denied.

Can minors enter City of Rock without being accompanied by an adult?

Children over 3 (three) years old (inclusive) and under 12 (twelve) years old may only enter City of Rock duly accompanied by the holder of parental responsibilities (father or mother), or by a duly identified adult who is responsible for them.

Do children of any age pay for a ticket?

Yes, everyone, including children, needs 1 (one) valid ticket to enter the City of Rock.

What can't you take into Cidade do Rock?

You are expressly prohibited from entering the event grounds with any type of food and drink, as well as objects that may be considered dangerous by the event organizers, or that are prohibited by current legislation, namely: bottles with lids and larger than 330ml, animals (except for assistance), cans (drink and spray), helmets, firearms, bladed weapons or sharp, pointed and piercing objects, selfie stick, umbrella, fireworks or pyrotechnics, explosives, photographic equipment, large sound and image equipment and tripods, suitcases and backpacks (large), power banks (larger than a cell phone), computers and laptops, lasers and flashlights, ropes, chairs, toxic substances and drugs (medicines in large quantities), food and drinks (large quantities, hard fruit - e.g. apples, pears, etc.): apples, pears, etc.), liquid containers larger than 100ml (e.g. sunscreen), and other objects that may be considered dangerous by the competent authorities. You must agree to submit to inspections, body searches and removal of unauthorized objects at the entrance to the event. Anyone displaying violent, aggressive behaviour, contrary to public order or refusing to dispose of unauthorized objects will not be allowed to enter the City of Rock.

Is there any area at the City of Rock for people with reduced mobility?

City of Rock is prepared to welcome people with reduced mobility, providing exclusive areas with a view of the existing stages. Rules for the operation of the disabled/limited mobility platforms: All disabled/limited mobility people can use the platforms on a priority basis. Users of the platforms may be accompanied by a companion as long as the capacity of the platforms allows it, since priority will always be given to people with reduced mobility. Accompanying persons are only allowed if they are of the age classification permitted for entry to the venue. Pregnant women can use the Platforms provided they certify that they are pregnant at risk and that they are terminating their pregnancy (after 6 months). The toilets on the platforms are for the exclusive use of people with reduced mobility and pregnant women. Rock in Rio Lisboa reserves the right not to allow people who do not comply with its operating rules to enter or stay on the platforms.

Can I bring cameras or video cameras into the City of Rock?

No. Audio and video recordings and transmissions of all or part of the Event by any means are strictly forbidden, as is the use of professional cameras, i.e. large ones with tripods.

Can I smoke inside Cidade do Rock?

Yes, in all open spaces.

Are animals allowed?

Animals are not allowed in the City of Rock, with the exception of assistance dogs.

What types of tickets are available for sale?

Daily General Access Tickets

Individual ticket that gives general access to the festival attractions, with access to all the festival attractions during the selected date.

Weekend Pass

that gives general access to the festival attractions, with access to all the festival attractions during the 2 days of the selected weekend.


Daily ticket giving access to the festival's VIP Area (buffet and Open Bar), as well as access to the common areas and all the festival's attractions.

What's the VIP Area like?

The most desirable place in the City of Rock is undoubtedly the VIP area at Rock in Rio Lisboa. With an air-conditioned environment and a touch of refinement and sophistication, during the four days of the event, it will possibly be the most important meeting point for celebrities and executives throughout the Portuguese summer. Offering unrivalled comfort in the events industry, this area has a panoramic balcony, allowing you to enjoy the concerts with your family, as well as providing a buffet service with food and drink available without interruption. To complete the experience, it offers an exclusive transport service and a direct entrance to the event.

What are the VIP Area Benefits?

Exclusive service, buffet and open bar.

Panoramic balconies guaranteeing an unparalleled experience.

Exclusive transportation and direct access to the event - reserved for VIP ticket holders only.

I have questions about my purchase. Who should I contact?

Get in touch at:

I bought a ticket and I can't find it. How should I proceed?

If you can't locate the ticket you bought, contact the customer service department at:

Where can I consult the Rock in Rio Lisboa regulations?

Consumers can and should consult the Terms and Conditions available at:

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