Fri 1 May


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Welcome to a new experimental endeavour of voyeuristic nature.

Verboten has partnered up with UNCENSORED to develop a digital event, broadcasted live from the Verboten bunkers. Sit back, pour a favourite spirit and keep ciggies handy: You are about to enter a Videokabine* Misha Mayfair, Xenia Black, Kris Canavan & Slavina will pull you into a present-day live p*p show that cmstaines the hallway between performative art and f*lth.

All profits go to the artists during these isolated days! Limited amount of seats per show!


Misha Mayfair is a pnhub award-nominated pn actress and artist specialising in fet*h. Misha uses her films to bring femme fun to the male-dominated gozo genre along with activism highlighting the ethical needs of those who make it.

Xenia Black is a very eclectic artist. She created her path focus on painting, photography, modelling and pole dance performances. Her life has been inspired by Greek tragedies, techno, metal, ftishism, magic, fashion, ertism, noir and surrealism. Her artworks are provocative and sublimate the s**ual desire, in a balance between human and divine.

Kris Canavan is an artist that has been utilising their creative endeavours to explore the political landscape and it’s impact on the collective and individual body since 2001. These gestures of defiance and dissent have been lovingly made with blunt trauma, bodily fluids, body piercings and surgical staples, to convey messages of shame, social decay, loss, longing and the desire for a level playing field through ritualised aktion, self sacrifice and labour intensive durational works.

Slavina defines herself a p*n activist. She's a multimedia artist and educator - she works internationally, as individual and in collective projects on intimay and radical se*uality (especially focusing the intersection between body politics and ethic of care).

Christian Geisler captured the last remaining Videokabinen in Germany in his photographic project. His work will be displayed in the exhibition section of the live event.

DADDY, WHAT IS A VIDEOKABINE? In 1968 the first s* cinemas opened in Denmark. Back then, pography was still VERBOTEN in Germany. But real soon high-street cinemas replaced the shady back rooms, where nefarious p*graphers presented the so-called "noodle films”. These came mostly smuggled from Scandinavia, in super8 format and seemed only available to a small group of customers. The cinemas in places such a Hamburg became hot spots of the gay scene and into the late 90s, hundreds of s** cinemas should open across Germany. As video reproduction technology developed not the only tape shrunk but also the cinemas: The one-seater Videokabine was the new wave in assisted self-love devices. Many of the old Videokabinen simply didn't survive the internet boom. But Videokabinen weren’t only under threat by the rise of the world wide web. The European Court of Justice decided in a dispute over VAT, that s** video booths are not cinemas and as such not only the full VAT of 19% is due, but also entertainment tax. According to the Luxembourg judgment, solo adventures do not count as a cinematic experience - only shared pleasure does.

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Presented by Klub Verboten

This is an 21+ event.

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