Technical Project Manager

Product / London / United Kingdom / TPM1

DICE is growing rapidly and we continue to strive to have a product and engineering team that is amongst the world's best.

This is a key role to enable us to move with speed, ease and confidence. DICE is lightening fast and we're constantly inventing - we truly believe that DICE will be the world's best platform to discover and buy tickets to events. You will be a big part of this as you help keep the team at peak (and happy) performance.

You're skilled, technical and have great communication skills. You are excited at being able to be part of the strategic direction of DICE. You will be employee 47 and part of the team that takes DICE global.

Ultimately, your success will depend on your demonstrated abilities and attitude, beyond any industry-relevant experience. While you may not code you do need to understand the technical aspects of product. This is a role where you will learn like crazy.


  • Provide day-to-day coordination and quality assurance for initiatives and tasks in the engineering team.
  • Help the team coordinate the incident management function including post-mortems and repair items.
  • Own and manage Github
  • Help the team plan and schedule platform migrations.
  • Be the point person for communication amongst the engineering team
  • Help drive alignment in the broader Engineering team around the strategic plans/roadmap for the platform.
  • Manage the coordination of non-technical tasks and initiatives across the broader Engineering team.
  • Drive internal and external process improvements across multiple teams and functions.
  • Interface with Engineering and our other business departments for any project requirements and scoping.


DICE has been live for nearly 3 years now. In that time we've grown from being a tiny, scrappy start up to a slightly larger, scrappy start up with the ambition and backing to change how ticketing works. You will get your ideas supported.

Without sounding too cheesy, we're pretty sure you'll never feel restless at DICE since you'll be constantly learning and inspired by what's happening.

We have a fun, social work environment. Free breakfast. Free private healthcare. Cheap gym. Incredible speakers visit on a weekly basis. No arseholes.