Music Intern

Music / United Kingdom

You better be absolutely amazing. DICE runs at a stupidly fast pace. It's fun if you're into this.

Read about DICE.

It's the best three months experience you can get and we pay you.

Listen to this and if you've got the hustle muscle get in touch.

Please note: Due to the volume of applications for this internship we are unable to respond to everyone.

  • You’ll be responsible for quality control in the app. You need to be meticulous, with a broad knowledge base, an eye for detail, and a knack for grammar.
  • At DICE we pride ourselves on recognising and nurturing new talent. You’ll be our ears on the ground, help create content, and join weekly A&R meetings.
  • You must be able to work to a set of processes, but have the confidence to speak up when something doesn’t feel or go right.
  • You’ll be responsible for how far this role takes you. At DICE, we move fast. The more you put in, the faster your job will grow.
  • You’re ready to pay your dues. We’re not talking making the tea, but this role requires patience and involves a lot of admin. You’d better be ready to step up.


  • You can get into Shoreditch at 9am.
  • You think BIG.
  • You do give a fuck about an Oxford comma. And you get the reference.
  • An insane knowledge of music.
  • You're smart and fast.
  • You're detailed. You know it's not just about the ideas, it's about EXECUTION. This is very important. If you're not 100% then you're not right for this role.
  • When someone puts in "you love learning" in a job description, you think "who doesn't?"
  • You're always out at gigs and club nights.


You'll be working with smart people who have amazing ideas that become reality. We have access to some of the biggest people in entertainment and it's a chance to shine.

Our work environment is great with free breakfast bar, drinks fridge, social events and we often invite well known inspiring guests to come and chat.