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Boundaries Fest Friday 22nd Nov Pass

Pop Recs Ltd
Fri, Nov 22, 4:00 PM
£11The price you'll pay. No surprises later.


Welcome to the opening night of Boundaries 2024, Friday 22nd November.

Just a quick reminder: THIS ticket is for Boundaries FRIDAY Night Fest ONLY —it is not a full 2 day pass.

This opening evening show will be located at the wonderful venue POPRECS and...

This is an 18+ event
Presented by The Peacock.
You can get a refund if:
  • It’s within 24 hours of buying tickets
  • This event is rescheduled or cancelled


Pop Recs Ltd

High St W, Sunderland SR1 1UP, UK
Doors open4:00 PM


Where is the opening event?

The Friday night opening show will be at the wonderful POPRECS venue.

PopRecs Ltd

172-175 High Street West,

Sunderland ·

Doors 18.00

Curfew 00.30

Can i park nearby?

There are several options for parking near PopRecs in Sunderland:

There is the High Street West carpark 2 mins from PopRecs, this is a convenient option.

St. Mary's Car Park: Another nearby option, just a short walk away.

Sunniside Car Park: A bit further but still within walking distance.

These car parks provide convenient options for visitors to PopRecs in Sunderland. Always check for any specific parking regulations or fees that may apply.

How would i get to POPRECS using local transport?

To get to PopRecs using local transport in Sunderland, you have a few options depending on where you're coming from:

Bus: Travelling from Newcastle/Gateshead you can get the number 56. Sunderland has a well-connected bus network operated by Go North East and other local providers. You can check routes and schedules on the Nexus website or use a travel planning app like Google Maps to find the best bus route to Fawcett Street in Sunderland.

Metro: If you're traveling from nearby areas like Newcastle or South Shields, you can take the Tyne and Wear Metro to Sunderland station, then either walk it os quick 10 min walk to the venue.

Train: If you're traveling from farther afield, Sunderland has a train station (Sunderland Station) served by Northern and CrossCountry trains. From there, you can walk approx 10 mins to Poprecs.

Walking: Depending on where you are in Sunderland, PopRecs is , which is easily accessible on foot from various parts of the city center.

It's always a good idea to check the latest schedules and routes, especially if you're planning your journey during peak times or outside normal hours.

Is POPRECs access friendly?

Yes, PopRecs in Sunderland is generally accessible and strives to be inclusive:

Physical Accessibility: The venue is located 10 mins from Fawcett Street/Train Station in Sunderland city centre, which is accessible by wheelchair users and those with mobility aids. It's advisable to check for any specific accessibility features or potential limitations directly with PopRecs or their website.

Facilities: They provide accessible toilets for patrons with disabilities.

Events: PopRecs hosts a variety of events, and they aim to accommodate diverse audiences including those with accessibility needs. It's a good idea to check ahead of time if you have specific requirements or questions.

If you require more detailed information about accessibility features or have specific needs, contacting PopRecs directly would be the best approach to ensure a comfortable visit.

Where can i pick up my wristbands?

You can pick up your wristbands from either PopRecs at 172-175 High Street West, Sunderland or from The Bridge Hotel Pub over the road starting from 18:00.

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