Sun 8th Sep


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Bloc Party spills into the super stylish Hackney venue Night Tales, we don't want you to go home! FBP teams up with boundary pushing collective Pxssy Palace, to produce a legendary 💦CARNIVAL AFTER PARTY!!💦

Join us for a CHEERS and a WHINE to our juicy post-carnival line up, stuffed full of QTIPOC DJs and performers, carrying the Faggamuffin Bloc Party vibes high all through the night. 🔥🌈🌚

🚫This party prioritizes and centers the lives and experiences of Queer womxn, trans, non binary folk of colour. There’s a zero tolerance policy to any behavior deemed as sexual harassment, unwanted touching, stalking and all forms of abuse or discrimination based on race, gender, disability, sexuality, religion or age. People who disrespect this will be asked to leave. 🚫

Prices are as such to maintain the integrity of our party which centres QTIPOC. 🎟Ticketing is based on honesty and trust, we will not be policing anyone so please pay based how you identify, and what you can afford.


INTENTIONAL SPACES: Pxssy Palace creates intentional spaces that centres and prioritises queer womxn, non-binary and trans folk of colour. Pxssy Palace events have a zero tolerance policy for harassment or prejudice of any kind, including sexual harassment and violence.

ACCESSIBILITY: Pxssy Palace are committed to making their events as accessible as possible for all womxn, non-binary and trans folk of colour. If you are low on funds and still want to come please let them know. Pxssy Palace aim for all of their venues to be wheelchair accessible, close to public transport and have adequate seating. They don’t use strobe lights and have gender neutral toilets for all of their guests. For more detailed accessibility information please check THE GARAGE website

BADGE BXTCHES If you feel unsafe on the night, please speak to a Badge Bxtch, who act as big siblings at Pxssy Palace events. If you can't immediately find a Badge Bxtch, go to the merch/taxi desk by the main bar and they will be able to help.

BUDDY SYSTEM: Pxssy Palace offer a buddy system for any guests who are coming alone, please email/DM PP before an event and they will link you with a Badge Bxtch.

TAXI FUND: If you are a trans, gender non-conforming, differently-abled/disabled guest of colour who needs a subsidised taxi home, please email Pxssy Palace before an event or book one at the merch desk by the main bar.

BOUNDARIES: Pxssy Palace are not the judge and jury of their community and they can only hold space and have the capacity for folks during their events. They believe that we all have room to grow and work on breaking unhealthy habits. They cannot have control over any outside conflict, nor can they ban people permanently from their community. Pxssy Palace is a group of womxn, non-binary and trans folk who love the work they do. It may seem as though they are all constantly thriving but there is a lot of unseen labour that comes with this work. They will always do their best to learn and grow and implement positive change, so please be kind and patient with them on their collective journey of creating intentional spaces together.


STAY HYDRATED: Pxssy Palace encourages you to drink plenty of water before, in-between and after consuming alcohol.

ALWAYS ASK FOR CONSENT: Do not touch anyone at the party without their consent, including your friends. Please extend this to performers, guests on the catwalk or those getting their life in a dance circle. Just because someone is shaking their ass in front of you, doesn’t mean you can touch them.

ASK // DON’T ASSUME: Please don’t assume anyone's gender or sexuality. Get into the habit of asking everyone what pronouns they prefer as you meet them.

CHECK YOURSELF: Take up space, but not at the expense of someone else. Think about why you are there. Be conscious of how you interact with other guests, especially on entry, waiting at the bar, watching the runway and performances. No pushing please.

In order to protect the privacy of their guests, Pxssy Palace ask that you gain consent before using your camera. However, if you choose to walk the runway, you will be photographed. Pxssy Palace has a photographer and videographer on staff, they do not allow professional photography as a matter of safety to their community members.

ALLIES, FRIENDS AND FAMILY Pxssy Palace is a space for queer womxn, non-binary and trans folk of colour. Your friends, family and allies are welcome when accompanying to support you, but it is your responsibility to educate your guests about their space.

Presented by Pxssy Palace.

This is an 18+ event

Line up

Doors open
6:00 PM
Jay Jay Revlon
12:00 AM

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