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The Temple
Sat, May 11, 5:00 PM
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Saturday, May 11th. Casa De Untz & NightPulze presents: “STARGATE” At a brand new outdoor venue: “The Temple” We’re so excited to be bringing together our communities & work together as a team to give you the best show & experience we can! With support fro...

This is an 18+ event
Presented by NightPulze & CasaDeUntz
You can get a refund if:
  • This event is rescheduled or cancelled


The Temple

4485 South Orange Avenue, Fresno, California 93725, United States
Doors open5:00 PM


Is re-entry allowed?

No, ins-and-outs are not allowed.

Will there be food & liquor?

Yes, we will have various food trucks lined up, as well as a bar for the 21+

What if my ID is lost or expired?

Security will accept expired ID cards ONLY if accompanied by DMV renewal documentation. If your ID was lost or stolen, you must bring a government-issued interim license or passport.

Can I enter anytime?

As long as you are holding a valid ticket that has not yet been scanned, you may enter until an hour before the end of the event. Ins & outs are not allowed.

Can we bring bags/backpacks?

All bag are subject to search and must be either clear or very small.

Will set times get posted in advance?

Yes. During the days leading up to the festival, set times will be posted via this site and our social media sites.

Can we bring in food/drinks?

No food and drinks will be permitted inside.

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