A platform for everyone

Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive DICE.

With teams in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Sweden and the US, along with events that stream in over 100 countries, DICE is a platform for everyone – and it’s essential that our people represent the diversity of the fans we serve. We’re dedicated to fostering a culture where everyone feels that they belong, where our voices are heard and where we feel supported to be our authentic selves.

We know that having a variety of perspectives makes us a better company. We also know that there is always work to be done when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion. Our aim is to make our company and industry fairer for underrepresented communities, so we will continue to hold ourselves accountable and make DEI integral to our business.

Gender and Ethnicity




Other data

Representation matters

DICE is determined to pull up for change, and that starts by sharing our data. Our second DEI survey has measured our diversity across gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, sexual orientation, education, socio-economic background, disability, neurodiversity, religion, caring responsibilities and mental health. This data represents an 89% participation rate.

The results clearly show that a larger effort must be made to drive the diversity of our leadership and technical teams, with gender and ethnic diversity being our key focus. We’ve compared our results to the Census and ONS data to ensure that we measure ourselves correctly against the communities we live and operate within.

Our commitments

Build a long-term DEI strategy, including measurable targets for the whole company

Publish our diversity data and hold ourselves publicly accountable to positive change

Drive the diversity of our company, particularly at the technical, leadership and board level

Continually educate ourselves on DEI matters and on dismantling discrimination in the workplace

Cultivate an environment of feedback and active listening, so that every voice is heard

Foster an equitable culture where everyone is supported to achieve their full potential

Create a comprehensive support system and training opportunities for BIPOC and women at all levels

Amplify underrepresented creators and promote the causes that support them

Live and breathe the values which hold us accountable to being diverse, equitable and inclusive

Make DICE inclusive for every fan

Follow our progress

We are determined to bring meaningful change to our business and we’ll be sharing that progress on our blog.

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