Sun Series @ el Silencio

The Sun Series by Nanushka at El Silencio Ibiza, curated by Chris Connors and in partnership with La Meta, is a summer long celebration of expansive, healthy experiences driven by the power and intelligence of ancient wisdom and modern science. Indeed modern science shows that aligning to our circadian rhythm (our inner 24 hour clock driven by sunlight) brings significant benefits for our mood, digestion, life perspective and connection to the present state. Something that ancient wisdom keepers from the Himalayas to the Andes have always known. The Sun series nods to the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean – those who understood the true meaning of well-being as being both Hedonic (relax and experience pleasure) and Eudemonic (to strive and work out). The Nanushka Wellness Program creates activities, rituals and experiences that are designed to do both

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