For the last 20 years The Hello GoodBye Show (Resonance FM) has proven itself a pillar of the anti-establishment, offering a consistent and supportive platform for quite literally thousands of left-field and counter cultural artists, and while some were near household names (Ari Up / Pete Seeger), and others would go on to achieve wide acclaim (Sleaford Mods / This Is The Kit). The vast majority of live guests would continue to gleefully plough their own idiosyncratic furrows, with never an inkling to pander to, nor placate any pre-conceived idea of mainstream ideal. To celebrate this milestone Upset The Rhythm and Hello Goodbye are teaming up to present a three-day fundraiser entitled HG20. All profits made from HG20 will go directly towards helping Resonance FM return to live programming as soon as possible. An illustrious roll call of previous guests has gladly agreed to perform live at these landmark events, including firebrands old and new; Wreckless Eric, Gina Birch (The Raincoats), The Monochrome Set, Bas Jan, Dee Byrne & Cath Roberts, Lilith Ai, Meatraffle, The Mindreaders + Very Special Guest.