Addictive Beat

"Me and Robbi are in some filthy club, wasted. She’s heartbroken, I’m a mess, but tonight none of that matters. Sweat and tears glitter on our faces, drops flying as we dance"

Music formed a close bond between childhood best friends and 'insufferable muso twats' Alex and Robbi. They always talked about being true to their creative impulses and not chasing money or fame. Now they're all grown up, it's not so simple. Their lives are way off track.

When they make a beat that's gloriously euphoric and wickedly addictive they know it could change their lives forever. But would being worshipped by millions quiet their demons? What is the high they are really chasing and is the come down worth it?

Addictive Beat is the brand new play from Dawn King (Trials, Donmar Warehouse), with original new music from DJ Anikdote and original score from Dom Coyote. The show is directed by Boundless’ Artistic Director Rob Drummer (for Boundless: Natives, Confidence, Radio Elusia)

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