Jazz Just Like This

Great artists from the jazz world are celebrating the birth of Birdbox Records with an outstanding musical review JAZZ JUST LIKE THIS was born thanks to some of the greatest Italian artists who wanted to celebrate the birth of Birdbox Records by Lorenzo Vella, former founder of the Nightingale Recording Studios. JAZZ JUST LIKE THIS: because reviews are not all the same. Some of them contain the stigma and the opportunities of their time. If record labels are still being born, if artists are choosing with whom and how to make a musical review by betting on new technologies, it doesn’t only mean that music is not stopping, but that it’s trying to reinvent new scenarios. The movement of disorder that has been thought and from which the initiative arises contains within itself the philosophy of Birdbox Records: to support the unexpressed potential of an idea of jazz fed of an absolute stylistic freedom, which thrives through fusion, ethno, free, pop, funk temptations. It makes people talk about it without the hermetic factors that may have contributed in the past to an idea of elitism. Birdbox Records is also aware that technologies have changed. The way we enjoy music has changed. The same artists recognize streaming and digital platforms as an opportunity. They are oriented to choose to be supported by an avant-garde audio and video equipment and by a brand new direction for the genre. Jazz must be brought where it hasn’t been yet, aiming at the new generations, the non-experts, all those who are still willing to be surprised. JAZZ JUST LIKE THIS from April 9th to July 8th.
7 concerts, 7 days for each concert, 22 artists, a review not only of superb music, but also specials, interviews, anecdotes, semi-serious confessions, educational moments and backstage with great names from Italian and international jazz. 9 – 15 April
Luca Mannutza trio feat. Maurizio Giammarco
Luca Mannutza | piano, Marcello Di Leonardo | drums, Stefano Senni | double bass, Maurizio Giammarco | sax
 23 – 29 April
Francesco Mascio trio feat. Giovanni Imparato
Francesco Mascio | guitar, Paolo Mazziotti | bass, Domenico Benvenuto | drums, Giovanni Imparato | percussions
 7 – 13 May
Domenico Benvenuto trio feat. Alessandro Tedesco
Domenico Benvenuto | drums, Francesco Lo Giudice | Hammond organ, Francesco Mascio | guitar, Alessandro Tedesco | T-bone
 21 – 27 May
Max Ionata 4tet
Max Ionata | sax, Luca Mannutza | piano, Marcello Di Leonardo | drums, Daniele Sorrentino | double bass
 4 – 10 June
Paolo Recchia 4tet
Paolo Recchia | sax, Luca Mannutza | piano, Giuseppe Romagnoli | double bass, Nicola Angelucci | drums 18 – 24 June
Umberto Fiorentino & Fabio Zeppetella & Dario Deidda & Roberto Gatto
Umberto Fiorentino | guitar, Fabio Zeppetella | guitar, Dario Deidda | bass, Roberto Gatto | drums
 2 – 8 July
Francesca Tandoi trio
Francesca Tandoi | piano, Mattheus Nicolaiewsky | double bass, Sander Smeets | drums

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