At DICE, we’re passionate about going out. About getting off the sofa and having the kind of night you’re still thinking about a week later. Our goal is to make going out so easy, it’s a beautiful no brainer.

We want to help you find the best gigs, clubs, and festivals, so we only list the best gigs, clubs and festivals. Our events list is curated, handpicked by a team of music experts with too many late nights on their CVs.

We’ve worked with incredible acts from Adele, Taylor Swift, Disclosure, and Skepta to newcomers who’ll be just as big in a few years, like Whitney, The Big Moon, SG Lewis, and Liss.

Music is at the heart of DICE and we want to help you discover more of the jaw dropping stuff that happens on your doorstep. That new DJ that every blog’s raving about? You’ll find her on DICE. The new band who play your local now but’ll be headlining festivals in three years? Check DICE. That stadium filler you adore whose tickets always sell out before you even find out the gig’s happening? You need us.


We love the artists that make music as much as we love the nights out watching them, so at DICE we respect the wishes of musicians. And that means protecting their tickets from touts.

We only sell tickets through the DICE app so we’re immune to Bots that scalp ticketing websites and hoover up stock to sell on at exploitative prices.

All the tickets we sell are locked to the device you purchased them on, meaning we can protect you and the acts you love from the extortionate and unfair secondary market. And because the ticket is on your phone, you’ll never have to mess about trying to find a printer again. Paying to print your ticket is a joke.

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We’ll keep you informed on what’s going on, and with our equally curated Newsfeed, you’ll be kept in the loop on everything from new shows to new tracks to new videos. You’ll never miss out again.

If you have a ticket to a show that has sold out on DICE, you can return it using our unique Waiting List and it will go to the next person in line. It’s secondary ticketing done in a way that’s fair and transparent.

An Apple Pay launch partner, we’ve been featured in the Google Play Store, the App Store, and were named one of The Guardian’s "Best Apps of 2014".

We’re curators on Apple Music, and in 2015 we were listed in Apple’s "Best of 2015" apps.

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DICE aims to take tickets out of the hands of touts and put them into the phones of fans.

We won best ticketing company at 2016 Music Week Awards

The music industry needs disruption. Enter DICE.




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